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Elazadas is a site-specific installation that explores performance as an act of reciprocity with the space, the living organisms and the energies in which the process takes place. Inspired by the poem of Octavio Paz ‘Dos Cuerpos’ (two bodies) ‘Enlazadas’ brings together sculpture, performance art, aerial dance, storytelling and ritual in an experience of transition and discovery.

This work is inspired by mutual personal and shared stories of relationships to mothering, body/land, womanhood and migration. ‘Enlazadas’ is a visual narrative of a perpetual encounter between two parallel lives woven within the suspension of time. Linked by the umbilical cord of their origin of creation; the intersection of these two bodies unleashes fears inherited by their collective mothers and exposes a metamorphosis of secrets.

Sept 14-15 and Sept 19-20 2024

Uxbridge and Toronto


T. Young Headshot.png

Victoria Mata Soledad


T. Young Headshot.png

Diana Lopez Soto

Creator and Performer

T. Young Headshot.png

Eva Lopez Stocking


T. Young Headshot.png

Victoria Mata

Creator and Performer

T. Young Headshot.png

Rebecca Devi Leonard

Rigging Specialist


Aluna Theatre

Vanguardia Dance Festival


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