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Land Embodiment Lab

The Land Embodiment Lab, is a collaboration with Coman Poon. It is a continuation of a land regeneration initiative germinated 35 years ago by Rudy and Elizabeth Stocking. We honor and are grateful to all the indigenous peoples who took care of this land for more than a thousand years; specially the Anishinaabee and The Mississaugas of southern Ontario (and all other Animal and Plant people who have been stewards of this land before us) This initiative celebrates the connections between human and Land as well as our responsibilities and obligations moving forward. We want to hold space for ceremony, learning and sharing our relationships to our Mother Land through reciprocity and desire to find partnerships with indigenous leaders and communities.



T. Young Headshot.png

Coman Poon

T. Young Headshot.png

Diana Lopez Soto

Creator and Performer



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