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NOMADA is a solo performance that brings together contemporary indigenous dance, aerial dance and installation art. A journey in- spired by personal stories of displacement, rituals of water, cycles of sustainability and connections of our bodies to land.

Apr 18-20, 2024


In NOMADA, Diana López, a Mexican-Canadian interdisciplinary artist, powerfully shares her journey of re-homing through navigating the interstice between ritual and performance. We cracks of the ancestral present through the living embodiment of are invited to both bear witness and be with what emerges in the invoked stories and temporalities. — Coman Poon


T. Young Headshot.png

Andy Moro

Set Design

T. Young Headshot.png

Taylor Young

Stage Manager

T. Young Headshot.png

Alejandro Ronceria

First NOMADA Script

T. Young Headshot.png

Adriana Fulop

Costume Design

T. Young Headshot.png

Edgardo Moreno

Composer (Final)

T. Young Headshot.png

Leonardo Martin Vargas Carrion

Knowledge Keeper

T. Young Headshot.png

Arun Srinivasan

Lighting Design

T. Young Headshot.png

Diego Marulanda

Composer (First Draft)

T. Young Headshot.png

Rebecca Carney

Dramaturgy and Rehearsal Director

T. Young Headshot.png

Samay Arcentales Cajas

Projection Design

T. Young Headshot.png

Erandi Cuiriz Ramos

Pirekua Composer

T. Young Headshot.png

Israel Barrera Hernandez



PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Dance Works

Public Energy Performing Arts

Canadian Stage



Canada Council for the Arts

National Arts Center

Ontario Arts Council

Femmes du Feu Creations

Candance Network

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