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Installation, Rigging and Set Design

My practice is informed by land, physics, body cycles, relationships and material. My process involves immersive field and material research that influence the choreographic journeys. 

Nomada is a journey of the Creator of life through three worlds; Sky World, Underworld, and Earth. This journey helps maintain harmony, connection and coexistence amongst all earthly and cosmological relationships and elements. Nomada is the physical and spiritual act of renewal, affirmation, and restoration of the fragile and continuously changing balance of the earth.”


A journey of two entwined lives through time and space. 

co-created with Victoria Mata

Rigging design- Diana Lopez


Installation and performance exploring the work of mask, ritual and sculpture.

OtrosRostros 2018.jpg

The Chaos Project Part III: Revolution is set in a post-apocalyptic environment and focuses on the aftermath of a cataclysmic event. Through this lens, the project seeks to give body, shape and form to the chaotic times we are all presently navigating. 


Individual designs and collaborative projects

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