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“Nomada” is a production that brings together contemporary indigenous dance, aerial dance and installation art. Nomada is a journey inspired by personal stories of displacement, rituals of water, cycles of sustainability and the connections of our bodies to land. In my research, we found the connections of my family to the Otomi and Purepecha people and their land.
We witnessed water rituals and visited with family members and elders. Hearing all the stories of my family and their relationship with their community, their history and culture inspired us to go deeper in our research on stories of displacement and connect with the elders of the community to find out the journey of my family in Michoacan.

We established collaborations with knowledge keepers, artisans, designers, and elders of the community. During our fieldwork last year, we also gathered sound and video material from rivers, storms, streets, conversations, and celebrations to be honoured in the final sound composition.
Length: 60 minutes
Co-creators: Diana Lopez Soto and Alejandro Ronceria
Director and Dramaturge: Alejandro Ronceria
Sound Composition: Diego Marulanda
Knowledge keeper: Leonardo Marati Vargas Carrion
Confirmed partners: Ilaii, The Bank Art House and Canadian Stage

NOMADA Collaborators

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