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NOMADA  is a production that brings together contemporary
indigenous dance, aerial dance and 
installation art. Nomada is
a journey inspired by 
personal stories of displacement,
rituals of water, 
cycles of sustainability and the connections of
bodies to land.


De Agua y Barro
Contemporaneity Residency 1.0.
Curated by Anandam Dance Theatre and Dancemakers.
The ritual body serves a noble utility, to experience and let others live the experience with you. The body is a vessel; conductor, container and connector. My proposal to Contemporaneity initiated from the curiosity to capture the moments of interception between ritual, memory and performance. ‘De Agua y Barro’ is inspired by the history, aesthetics and meaning of ‘El Ritual de las Aguadoras’ and my intimate connection to terracotta pots and the water element.
Otros Rostros
A choreographic exploration and research of movement and performance with Mexican masks, heels and folklore. The seed of a process to find the relationships to spirit, memory and power.
Presented at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre as part of the 35th Rhubarb Festival, 2018.
Undiscardable Things;memories and objects
A window to the world of things we are unable to discard and the memories, creatures, spirits and sounds that bring them to life.
The story of a writer called Luz who experiences a writers block and in her search she gets enveloped into the world of Grandmother Spider weaving her biggest creation. Inspired by Navajo and Hopi stories of the creation of the Universe and the gift of the Dreamcatcher.
A love story about an artist and his muses taking place once a year during the celebration of the day of the death in Mexico.
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